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Long Range Radar

Radar Vision distribute and provide local support for Navtech Radar in South Africa. Navtech Radar is ideally suited for security applications that require large area coverage.

Radar offer a Zero visibility, all weather, maintenance free monitoring of large areas with extremely low false alarm rates. Intruders can  be monitored over water as well. This technology with better than military precision has now became within reach of:

  1. Private Game Reserves
  2. Airports
  3. Power Stations
  4. Police Special Operations
  5. Prison Buildings

 Security systems ideally has to:

  • Detect the threat before it reaches or attempts to breach the perimter
  • Breaching the perimeter
  • Locating the intruders once they are fleeing the perimeter

This can all be done with one system that can monitor up to 8 square kilometers.

 Radar sensors are ideal to track the behaviour of vehicles and people over an area. Based on their behaviour, the system can  generate an alarm. Guards patrolling an area can be ignored, because they started their patrol at the guard house, whereas someone (even a visitor) walking onto an unauthorised area will trigger the alarm.

The Advance Guard Software is a complete security solution that will even control the PTZ cameras automatically.

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