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Medium Range Radar

Radar Vision represents and provide local support for Smart Microwave Sensor in Africa.

 The Universal Medium Range Radar (UMRR) is a high quality compact radar sensor with superior object tracking capability and range. These smart radars have capabilities usually found in expensive military radar systems, but provided through a compact and extremely rugged solid state sensor.

Traffic Detection - The Compact Type 29 sensor 

This sensor is ideal for most Stop line, SCOOT and Freeway detection requirements.


  • 6 lanes
  •  4-5 classes
  • Tracking up to 32 simultaneous vehicles
  • Up to 160m range


  • Maintenance Free
  • Simple configuration and setup
  • CAN, RS485, Ethernet or Relay contact interfaces

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Airborne Altimeter

A special version of the UMRR allows Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) and Drones automatic landing, collision avoidance and environmental awareness.

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The automotive sensors are used for Collision Warning on commercial vehicles. It allows the fleet owner/manager to measure “NEAR MISS” events or CLOSE CALL events. Drivers with higher near miss rates are much more likely to cause a collision affecting the fleet owner brand value, direct costs and liability costs as well as loss of revenue. Drivers can be monitored for an increase or decrease in near miss events, as well as following distance driving styles.

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